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10 Awesome Dates Under $20 For Budgeting Couples

Dating can be fun. Dating can be exciting. Dating can be life-changing. On top of all of that, dating can be expensive. If you are looking for 100% free dates, check out our post Ten Free Dates for Couples on a Budget. If you are okay with spending $20 or less between you and your boo, then stick around for some tips!

Great Date Ideas for Less Than $20

Fun Cheap Dates for Under 20 Dollars

Here are 10 Fun Cheap Date Ideas for Under $20:

  1. Go to a Local Happy Hour – Do you want to be around people, buzzing with energy, listening to music? Or do you want to be at a low-lit romantic location for a more intimate evening? Do you want to experience either of these, but don’t want to spend big bucks? Go to a happy hour near you! If you are in New York like I am, you may have to do a little digging, but you can find places offering 5 dollars well drinks, 4 dollar beers, and 8 dollar glasses of wine! This is a fun way to get out of the house without breaking your bank.
  2. Go to a Local Brewery or Wine Tasting – If you are like me and my boyfriend, you might enjoy beer and wine tastings. Obviously these can get expensive, but most flights will cost you less than $20. Taking turns sipping at a brew or a wine and trying to taste the undertones is one of my favorite dates with my partner. Of course if you don’t drink, this may not be the option for you.
  3. Sofarsounds Concerts – this one is super cool. If you have not heard of Sofarsounds, it is a global organization that sets up secret concerts throughout cities. And these concerts happen often – very often. How does it work? Since Sofar works like a lottery, you apply for the number of tickets you want up to 5 days before your desired show. After that, you will get an email with an invitation to the concert – but not the location or any other information, you will only find that out the day of. Additionally, most tickets are around the $10 range, and allow for 2-3 hours of fun with a select group of people and up-and-coming artists (though they sometimes sneak in someone big). If Sofar is in your city, this is a top recommendation from me!
  4. Go to a Minor League Baseball Game – Depending on the team, you can get tickets in certain sections for $10 or less. This is one of my favorites – the atmosphere, the crowd, the baseball – it’s an all around fun evening. While you can get tickets to teams like the Mets for as low as $7 sometimes (check out Vividseats.com), it’s a safer bet to spend the money on your local team. Additionally, you don’t have to factor in train/travel costs to get there.
  5. Take a Free Online Cooking Class – Why go our for desserts of dinner when you can make your own? Add a free online cooking course, or even a YouTube tutorial and you’re in for a good night. Be warned – if you are not a good cook, and could potentially mess up the meal, understand that costs may surpass $20 to fix (usually with a pizza order).
  6. Go to Half-Off Apps – Many bars and restaurants have daily deals that many of us could benefit from. Take Applebee’s Half-Off Apps – while I am not one to frequent Applebee’s, I do see the value in going to a late night half off apps. Other places may offer 5 cent wings, or $10 beer buckets, or dinner for two for twenty. With a little local research, you can find these deals and you can keep your stomach and your wallet full!
  7. Make Your Living Room a Movie Theater – Get your couch all cozy, snuggle up with your partner, and pick whatever movie you’d like to watch. Spice this up by going to your local dollar store and picking up traditional movie candy for a fraction of the cost, buy a single pack of popcorn, and if you’re feeling romantic, bust out a bottle of wine! All of this can be done for less than $20 dollars. If you don’t pay for a standard streaming service, you can get yourself a free trial and cancel before the payment period begins. I love using my Fire Stick, but Roku is also a super great option for having a fun movie night! Follow those links to Amazon to check out some great deals on those products!
  8. Go Mini-Golfing – I cannot stress this one enough – this was always my go to first date – and my partner and I still partake today! Mini golfing is a great way to keep busy, while also having the opportunity to get to know the person you are with. Not only is it fun, but it also gets that competitive side of both of you going. This is definitely a favorite of mine!
  9. Go to a Fun Coffee Shop – If you have a local coffee shop that is not a Starbucks, chances are there are books, board games, and free WiFi. Here, you can play games, watch a movie, have an intellectual discussion, or, if you’re students, study together. In my old college town, there was a great coffee shop with open mic nights and games – on Saturdays in the summer, my boyfriend and I often would walk to the coffee shop and play chess. Find a spot near you and I promise you’ll have a good time!
  10. Go to a Street Fair – I love these. With music, shops, food, and drinks, there is not much that beats of the feel of a street fair or local parade event. While costs can add up if you purchase multiple food or drink items, you can keep your expenses in check by limiting what you buy and just enjoying the atmosphere around you. Oftentimes, street fairs will have some sort of live music involved. I went to college in Albany, NY, and every September there was a festival called LarkFest. With three live band stages, great food deals, and a fun time, going to LarkFest was one of my favorite college memories.

What are some of your date ideas for under $20? What are your thoughts on these cheap, but fun, options? Please feel free to share in the comment section below! Looking for advice? I’ve got your back!

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