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Welcome one and all to the launch of my very first and brand new blog! My name is Kiersten Conway of Wellness Willingness and I am extremely excited to share my thoughts, advice, ideas, and stories with you all. The sheer amount of tips, tricks, reviews, and life/relationship advice that I dole out on a daily basis have always needed a place to go, so here I am – finally making that happen!

Kiersten Conway | Wellness Blogger

Why Am I Starting Up a Blog?

I have always had a passion for two things – writing and helping my friends. I’ve written novels, poems, journals, and have even made a small side income freelancing and ghostwriting. I’ve always had it in my mind that I could start a blog, but have always pulled out. You see, as a 23 year old recent college grad, I’ve always had something else on my mind or something I was too busy doing. That ends today. My motivation to pursue my passion of being a full-time blogger and freelancer has me working every day on making this blog the best that it can be.

As this blog grows and develops, I plan to get to know my audience and involve them in my posts. My dream is to have a large enough audience to be able to offer personal advice to readers as they submit their questions to me. As a psychology major, I’ve always had a passion for understanding people. I’ve always been that friend that everyone turns to for advice – this is what drives me. If I can even help two people, this will all have been worth it!

On top of all of that, I also wish to find my freedom. Becoming a full time blogger will allow me to follow my passion for traveling. I currently work a full time remote job, and while that is great, I’d like to have more freedom to explore wherever I’d like to. Until then, I will be posting about the experiences I do get to have while I am here. Since working remote, I have been able to travel to Washington D.C., Denver, Boston, San Francisco, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. I will do my best to write about those experiences, as well as the new ones ahead.

What to Expect From My Wellness and Lifestyle Blog

While my blog is definitely going to be niche, you can still expect to see a variety of topics. As someone who suffers from anxiety and fear of failure, I plan to write about how to cope with these issues, and how to push forward. Many of my blog articles will be suggestions for relationships, advice from my own personal experiences, and hopefully as this grows I will be able to give advice to my readers.

I also plan on writing about my own life, and my travels. Tips and tricks to relationships, happiness, wellness, life, and traveling. I also plan on doing product reviews and food reviews, when given the chance. You can expect to always have something fresh when reading my blog.

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Get to Know Me!

My name is Kiersten and I am a 23 year old woman from New York who is just getting started with her life. I love to explore different cities from coast to coast, and hope to one day explore what awaits across the ocean. I am working on moving back to my family home from Brooklyn – working from home in the apartment that I was in was creating an environment that was toxic for me – but this has led me to realize what I want and need from my life. I want to take you all on this journey with me, and I cannot wait to see where it takes us.

I currently work remotely full time as a Digital Marketing Strategist, and hope that my experience will help me grow here. I love SEO and social media marketing, and plan to put in my all as I learn to develop my blog.

But enough about me – tell me about you! Leave a comment below and tell me a little about yourself and what you hope to see out of this journey.

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