How to Gain More Twitter Followers

How I Gained 1000 Twitter Followers in One Week

Want to Grow Your Twitter Following Fast?

When the idea of starting a blog popped into my mind, the first thing I thought of was how to gain a following on Twitter. Now, there are other media outlets I am prepared to use to my advantage, such as Pinterest, Instagram and eventually Facebook, but I knew Twitter is where I wanted to start.

I already knew Twitter, I was comfortable with the platform. I knew it would be easy to share my blogs as I wrote them, and maybe even build a following.

I was so motivated that I started my Twitter over a week before I started my blog with a big goal in mind – I wanted to grow my Twitter following to 1000 followers in just ONE WEEK. This was a big goal, and I know it wouldn’t be easy. But I knew that once I managed to do so, creating my blog and building an audience would be made much easier.

To those of you who are just starting, or to those who have been blogging for a while but want to grow a larger audience, stick around! I have some great tips and tricks that you could use to also grow your followership.

Gain More Followers on Twitter Tips

How I Got Over 1000 Twitter Followers in One Week – And How You Can Too

  • Create an Engaging Profile: I spent some time on this one. When I created my Twitter, I needed to think of a catchy name and handle that would also make a great blog name. So I chose “Wellness Willingness”, as it has a nice ring and it also matches what my blog is meant to be about. I also deliberated on which picture to use, and how I should write my bio. I wanted to represent myself, but also create an attractive image for potential followers.
  • Begin Following: You can’t expect to build a following if you are not following anyone. This is not the same as the old “Follow for Follow technique – it is rather different. Spend time finding people who are interested in the same topics you are and follow them. I followed as many as I can – especially people with larger audiences. From there, I got follows back.
  • Learn From Those You Follow: Following a lot of people is not simply about hoping they will follow back – it is also so that you can see the kind of content they are posting, and how they are engaging with their followers. Finding a way to integrate their techniques with your niche and interests can help you grow a dedicated following. While I am not there yet, I have managed to make a lot of connections by doing this.
  • Engage Your Audience: Come up with tweets you know that people will enjoy. Something eye-catching, or funny. Also write tweets that allow people to engage – these can be in the form of post sharing threads, polls, or asking for opinions. When someone responds to your tweet, be sure to tweet back and let them know you care about their thoughts – because you should! Engaging is not only one of the best ways to make new followers, but it is also a great way to keep them around!
  • Unfollow Those Who Don’t Fit: I do tend to periodically unfollow those who either don’t contribute to my niche, who don’t offer me anything to learn from, or who don’t return a follow. I will never unfollow those who follow me, as I think that is shady. And I don’t always unfollow people who don’t follow me back, as I feel they offer me something else. But keep your follows close to the chest. Remember you are here to learn, grow, and engage!
  • Post Pictures: Whether they are pictures of yourself or pictures of a destination, people love media. I suggest using pictures of yourself if you are comfortable, as that is what I find people like. They want to know you, who you are, what you see, and what you think. Let your audience get to know it.
  • Engage In Trending Topics: If there is a trending topic you feel you can contribute to, then I always suggest doing so. This will grow your reach beyond the bloggers in your niche who follow you. You may not always get follows, but chances are your profile clicks and engagement on others posts will increase as well. 
  • Post Frequently, But Not Too Much: I suggest posting around 5-10 times a day. People will recognize you, and you will be more prevalent in trending searches. But beware – posting way too much and retweeting too much can and probably will cause people to unfollow you. So find your happy medium.
  • Utilize Hashtags: This is similar to the trending topics tip, but it is SO important! Expand your reach by using hashtags – especially when they are relevant to your niche! You will surely see yourself gaining followers as you continue to use hashtags that work with what you post.

How Can I Get More Twitter Followers?

I am still working on growing my following, but I would be lying if I did not say that gaining 1000 followers in a week has me pretty satisfied. If you want to work on increasing your followers, check out all the tips above! Don’t forget to leave a comment and share! If you need advice on dating, confidence, feeling lost, or just in general, just ask for it!

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  1. Natonya

    These are great tips! I agree people on Twitter enjoy pictures, it brings insight to the person behind the tweet. I started sharing videos and pictures of myself and received followers and retweets. So I will definitely keep doing this, thanks for the tips!!

    Natonya |

    1. Kiersten Conway

      I’m glad you find them to be helpful! I started my Twitter on Tuesday, August 13th, and as of August 23rd I have over 1100 followers – I’ve slowed down on my Twitter roll once I hit 1000 to focus on my blog launch, but I will be picking it up again. I hope you enjoy more of my articles as well!

  2. Charlotte

    This is such a helpful post. I actually deleted my twitter account that had 1800 followers and I’m starting again. My old Twitter was 10 years old and most of my followers were people that followed me years ago and honestly we now have nothing in common. So I’m starting from scratch and trying to find new people who align with my blog niche.

    1. Kiersten Conway

      Thank you, Charlotte! I’m happy to hear that this article was helpful for you. What is your blog niche?

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