Why I Stopped Wearing Bras

Why I Stopped Wearing a Bra

Why I Ditched the Bra – And Why You Should Consider It Too

When I was younger I thought that bras meant I was grown up. I started wearing a princess training bra around the house when I was 10 – and no, I was not an early developer. I remember being 11 and getting ready for soccer practice when my mother pulled me aside in the kitchen. 

Kiersten, I think it is time you stopped wearing those tank tops to practice.”

I was oblivious – I always wore a white tank top to soccer. My mother was telling me that I should put on a cotton t-shirt instead. “At least until we get you some sports bras.” I recall feeling embarrassed, but above all, I felt like a teenager. I was really growing up.

From then on out, I was all about bras. I was not so lucky in the chest department, but I made up for it – by wearing two bras at the same time. I even wore my bras to bed! The girls whose parents purchased those VS Bomber bras for them were the envy of my middle school life, and I wanted nothing more than to have one. But my parents, being rather sensible when I look back, were strongly against buying me one.

The Day My Boobs Finally Decided to Show Up

I went through my teen years spending money on padded bras and push up bras to make myself feel good. But then one year, something crazy happened. My sophomore year of college I noticed that something was different. My bras were a bit tighter and I was filling out my clothes better. This made me feel awesome, as I’d been dealing with some insecurities with my breasts due mainly to an ex boyfriend.

Short side story: I was laying down in bed with my ex during my freshman year of college with nothing but a bra and underwear on. He poked at the cup of my bra, which deflated, and said “You know when you lay down, your bra is like a bag of chips. Nothing by air.” I think that will stick with me forever!

Anyway, my breasts moved up to a size 32-C. And they were perky and perfect. I got sized, bought new bras, and was ready to go. 

Until I wasn’t.

Bras | Bra Straps | No Bras | Free Boobs

Ditching the Bra

I noticed that a lot of my outfits now looked worse when I wore a bra than when I did wear one. The wires were also stabby, and you can see the outline of the cups through my shirts. One day, I just decided not to wear bras anymore. 

And people noticed. My roommates would ask me why I was free-boobing it, and I’d just tell them that I’m not wasting the best years of my breasts (the breast years, if you will) confining and hiding them from the world. Not to mention bras were too expensive and they made my boobs look comically large and disproportionate to my body when I wore them.

I noticed (and still notice) stares and eyes as I walked to class, to the store, down the street. But I don’t care – I’m flaunting what I am proud of, and I am much more comfortable because of it. My current boyfriend Jack is in support of my anti-bra movement (unsurprisingly) and gets a bit confused when I do wear bras from time to time. Yes, sometimes I wear bras in situations where I feel it is just too inappropriate to bring my boobs to the party.

Will I Ever Go Back to Wearing Bras?

Maybe someday, when I’ve had kids and they aren’t what they used to be. Or if I no longer get to work remotely and have to have some sense of decorum. However, for the time being, I don’t see myself wearing a bra because life is so much freer without one. 

Not wearing a bra has also brought a lot of laughs into my life. My mother has asked me if I know that you can see my nipples (the peaks, not see through) through my shirt. When I responded that yes, I was aware, she said that not everybody wants to see that. My response? “Listen, if you know me, you’ve seen my nipples.” 

So basically, the point of this post was to talk about what makes me happy in life and that one reason behind my happiness is my free boob movement.

Do you wear bras? What are your thoughts – have you ever considered going free boob? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Looking for advice? Feel free to ask!

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